Camp for Christian Science Kids

Summer Camp for Christian Science Kids:

Christian Science camps are designed to create a supportive, safe and loving atmosphere where kids put their prayers into practice. Campers have fun while they deepen their relationship with God. For many, camp is a life changing experience and just plain fun!



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Adventure Unlimited
18325 County Road #366
Buena Vista, CO 81211-2036
Phone: 888.416.7348
Fax: 303.773.0291


camp bow isle image

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Camp Bow Isle
871 Green Road
Bowen Island BC von 1G2 Canada
(877) 943-2442


image cedars

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Cedars Camps
19772 Sugar Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-6699
Fax: (417) 532-6683

crystal lakes camp

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Crystal Lake Camps
1676 Crystal Lake Road
Hughesville, PA 17737
(877) CLC-KIDS (US only)
(877) 252-5437
(570) 584-5608

Camp leelanau & Kohahna image

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Camps Leelanau Camp Kohahna
1653 Port Oneida Road
Maple City, MI 49664


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Camp Newfound – Owatonna
4 Camp Newfound Road
Harrison, ME 04040-9987
(207) 583-6711

Welcome to Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist in Dallas, TX!